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Vineyard work

Work in the vineyard, over the seasons.


Vine pruning

Winter, season of transition.
The different plots need maintenance such as pruning.

We prune from December to prepare future branches.

Two kinds of pruning depending on whether it is a white or red vine.



White Chardonnay pruning

For the Chardonnay (whites) we prune using Guyot Simple, and we remove all the double buds.

Red Pinot Noir pruning

For the Pinot Noir we prune using Cordon de Royat.

Objective: limit yields, increase sunshine, air the vines and improve maturity.

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Selection of future clusters

We select by disbudding the branches bearing the future bunches, to obtain the ideal number of grapes on each vine.



Attaching the rods

For the white vines we tie the sticks left during the pruning on the middle wire.



Start of plowing work

The plowing begins. Objective: to do without chemicals and aerate the soil, so that the roots plunge deep into the ground and the tastes of the terroir develop.

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Disbudding and lifting

May - June: the vines are in flower, disbudding and lifting have begun, plowing continues.



Trimming, plowing and processing

July - August: trimming, plowing and processing follow one another, while waiting for the grapes to ripen.



Green harvest

In high-yielding vines, we carry out a bunch thinning to reduce yields and allow the grapes to ripen better.



Leaf thinning

Leaf thinning in the fruit zone also helps the grapes to benefit from maximum sunshine.

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As soon as the grapes reach maximum maturity, in September or October depending on the year, the harvest begins.
We have a modern vat room, where the vinification takes place.


Secure online payment

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Worldwide expedition

We deliver your products anywhere in the world.

Delivery service

Our Kuehne + Nagel service knows the requirements related to the logistics and transport of wines.

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